4-4-2024 Howard Schaeffer / General (ret.) Peter van Uhm

4-4-2024 Howard Schaeffer / General (ret.) Peter van Uhm

On Thursday evening, April 4, the delegations of the Four Chaplains Memorial foundation USA and NL walked the Sunset March. We were warmly welcomed by the chairman, Peter Grotens. Veteran of the day was Howard Schaeffer, Chairman of the USA Board. As a former Marine with experience in foreign missions, this made a great impression on him and the other participants. The Sunset March is a fantastic initiative that deserves our appreciation!

A day earlier, former Commander of the Armed Forces General Peter van Uhm was awarded the Legion of Honor Gold Medal in Breda. He is the first Dutchman to receive this high American distinction. The Chapel of the Four Chaplains awarded Van Uhm the medal of honor for his support of soldiers with post-traumatic stress syndrome. But also to contribute to education and explanations of current military developments in the media and the theater. Van Uhm is also an ambassador for the Assistance Dog Foundation, organizer of the Walking 3 Days and a board member of various organizations. US Ambassador Mrs. Shefali Razdan Duggal pinned the honor.
The Chapel of the Four Chaplains was founded in memory of 4 business caregivers who died during the Second World War. After the conventional transport ship Dorchester was torpedoed while sailing to Greenland, she was ordered to evacuate those on board. The supervisors gave away their life jackets to terrified young soldiers. They themselves went down with the ship, singing and commanding. The foundation therefore honors people who selflessly work for others. This now happened on the recommendation of the Dutch subsidiary Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation.”
For information, in the photo from the news item: behind General (bd) van Uhm the chairman of the Dutch Chapter of the four Chaplains Nico van der Steeg, next to the right Howard Schaeffer, next to Kenneth Brand, next to the US Defense Attaché Colonel Mark Sturgeon, on the far right in uniform, American Executive Director Bill Kaemmer (MSG ret. and chairman of the Four Chaplains).

Original source: https://www.defensie.nl/actueel/nieuws/2024/04/03/unieke-onderscheiding-voor-generaal-b.d.-van-uhm

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