01-06-2024 – Craig Caldwell

01-06-2024 – Craig Caldwell

North Shore Legacy Tour: 80th Anniversary of D-Day

On June first 2024 our 273 canadian students, teachers and local tour guides participated in the daily Sunset March held in Nijmegen at the place the Waalcrossing took place on September 20th 1944. Each evening a veteran walks the same route using the newly build bridge call The Crossing.

48 lamppost join the veteran and all the participants from south to north on its way to the famour town of Arnhem. Both the crossing and the battles in Arnhem are captured in the movie a Bridge to far.

And as part of our tour for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, we joined a group of about 15 Norwegian Veterans doing the Sunset March. They were also heading for Normandy, but on their motorcycles.

Our full journey can be seen here. https://www.eftours.ca/educational-tour/DDEC?utm_source=brochure&utm_medium=offline&utm_campaign=tourcode

Craig Caldwell

Director of Schools

Anglophone North School District, NB


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