22-02-2023: German Delegation Walks the Sunset March

22-02-2023: German Delegation Walks the Sunset March

On February 22, as usual in recent years, a German Delegation walked the Sunset March. The delegation consisted of about 30 people, including representatives from the city of Kleve (D) and from the Dutch-German business club from Kleve. In addition, there was a large delegation of the German Air Force and international soldiers from Kalkar (D).

Lieutenant General Thorsten Poschwatta, Commander of the Center for Air Operations, was the veteran of the day. During the short ceremony at the Waalcrossing monument, wreaths and flowers were laid by representatives of the participating groups.

In the afternoon prior to the Sunset March, wreaths and flowers were already laid at the monument commemorating the bombing of February 22, 1944, called “De Schommel” in the city center. Mayor Bruls then welcomed the delegation at City Hall.

Photos: Hauptfeldwebel Patrik Bransmöller

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