31-08-2023: Denise A.

31-08-2023: Denise A.

My husband and I were able to visit Nijmegen several years ago.
We saw the Oversteek Bridge and learned of the history.
Unfortunely, we were not able to witness the daily Sunset March.
We wish to thank all the participant’s that have honored and paid their respect to the Allied soldiers by participating in the daily march and to the people of The Netherlands for honoring the Allied soldiers and never forgetting them.
Thank you so much.

Denise A.

One thought on “31-08-2023: Denise A.

  1. On Sunday 10th Sept we were passing by the Windmill near Afferden, at 1 Kerkdam. It was having an open day, so we stopped to have a look (myself and my wife were both on motorcycles.
    Just as we were leaving, i started to talk to a man called “Stan” who told me all about the Sunset march. I have a fair interest in WW2 and the liberation but I had not heard about the action by the 82nd Airborne near the bridge, so i was very interested to hear about it. I hope that the next time that we are visiting (we live in Scotland) that we will get the chance to see the march. My gratitude to the veterans who honour the fallen with their evening march.

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