Explanation of the combination padlock to reach the monument

Explanation of the combination padlock to reach the monument

The stairs to the monuments are closed

From August 30, 2021 to December 31, 2022, the Oosterhoutsedijk (the location where the monument is located and the honorary greeting is given) will be completely closed for 16 months. This is due to the necessary dyke reinforcement along the Waal.

Figure 1: Closed Staircase
Figure 2: Chain and combination lock

The reminder email you receive from us the day before your Sunset March contains the code with which you, as a veteran of the day, can open and close an entrance gate for yourself and any followers so that you can still go to the monument for the honorary greeting.

Please note: Only allow your followers to follow you trough the gate. Keep the gate closed during the salute. Then guide everyone off the dike again and close the entrance gate.

Description of the lock

The lock on the gate is of the brand Burg Wächter (Figure 3). You can enter the four-digit code by turning the corresponding wheels. The first wheel for the first digit from the code, the second wheel for the second digit, etc.

When you have entered the correct code, you have to push the shackle of the lock hard (Figure 4). When you let the shackle come back, the lock opens (Figure 5).

After passing the gate, remember to close the gate again and put the lock back on. Do this by closing the lock, pushing the shackle back in (Figure 4) and rotating the wheels at the same time.

Figure 3: Padlock Burg Wächter
Figure 4: Pressing the shackle
Figure 5: Opened Padlock